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|It is compatible with a wide range of laser detectors, such as the R1, S3 and S4-S6, TOBI, HDR and SSB. You can choose between two main scanning modes: terrestrial laser scanning and airborne laser scanning (Lidar). It has a very flexible and efficient plug-in architecture, making it easy to add extra features or customize the application as you need them. It allows you to access the entire range of its capabilities through a user-friendly interface.|- POI Management: With the included POI Management module, you can create, edit, and delete a large variety of points of interest. In addition, you can customize its appearance, assign it to a particular map layer, make it shareable through the Internet, and access all of its information directly from the main page. This module also comes with a powerful template system, where you can create your own point of interest templates, as well as a set of 'factory default' point of interest templates that can be edited or added to. - Layer Management: In the Layer Manager module, you can add, edit, delete, and manage a large variety of map layers, including generated raster layers. You can also define custom strategies for the analysis of raster layers, like edge or change detection, and convert raster layers to other formats, such as ASCII or GeoTiff. The Layer Manager also comes with a template system that allows you to define your own custom raster layer templates, edit or add to them, and add it to a map view. - Data Import: Import any kind of data, like shapefiles, dbase, tab delimited, CSV, or kml, into any of the supported map layers. When importing data, you can choose the accuracy (maximum, free or estimated), coordinate reference system (CRS), and the type of data (point, line, area, or polygon). In addition, you can import data directly into the application or into a defined map layer. - Map View: Create maps with or without points of interest, add them to a view and browse it by clicking on the map tiles. Map views can be organized in virtual towns and cities, categorized in maps, grouped into folders, and imported into other applications, such as ArcGIS. The Map View also comes with a custom template system that allows you to define your own map templates, edit or add to them, and add it to a map view. You can




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Pds 2000 Crack Full
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