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AccuTemp Joins the Mirkovich Equipment Portfolio

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

As our list of foodservice solution lines continues to grow, we take great pride in hand selecting the manufacturers we want to represent, who have an outstanding history in the industry, with a proven track record of quality products and quality service in line with our core values.

AccuTemp Logo

AccuTemp, with their long history of providing award-winning, technology-based equipment solutions for the food service industry is a welcomed partner for the future of our success. For the past 25 years, their products have delivered the highest quality, greatest reliability and “Best in Class” Energy Efficiency products in the marketplace.

Whether you are a school, healthcare facility, chain restaurant, military operation or any other commercial foodservice operator, AccuTemp has a foodservice equipment solution that will exceed your expectations.

However, their focus on the customer certainly doesn’t end there. The expectation is to delight the customer with their Legendary “Lifetime Service and Support Guarantee” that stays focused on you for the lifetime of your product.

Discover how AccuTemp can deliver an award-winning solution for your operation. We are simply a phone call or click away and we look forward to demonstrating the quality-standard products AccuTemp has to offer.

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