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Achieve Better Food Quality While Reducing Ticket Times

In an industry where customer satisfaction reigns supreme, improving ticket times is the key to also improving customer experience

But how do you maintain the highest quality food in a shorter amount of time? Here, we detail the best tips of the trade to ensure a higher standard of food quality and customer satisfaction.


Operators strive to create memorable food experiences that keep customers coming back for more. So, what kitchen equipment can help keep your customers raving about your food with a minimal wait time?

Commercial kitchen equipment such as cook and hold ovens enable you to boost your food production at the highest quality with labor-free overnight cooking. This low-temperature cooking and holding solution ensures your food is hot and fresh, whether you’re offering dine-in, takeout, or delivery. Halo Heat® technology maximizes food quality with gentle, radiant heat that evenly surrounds food without the use of extremel

y hot elements, added humidity or fans that typically degrade food quality.

Vector® Multi-Cook Ovens also allow you to increase your speed of service without the use of microwaves that typically degrade food quality. With innovative Structured Air Technology®, Vector ovens cook up to four different food items simultaneously – with zero flavor transfer. Operators can control temperature, fan speed and cook time in each individual oven chamber for unmatched food program variety. With the ability to simultaneously cook multiple food items at once, Vector ovens cook food two ti

mes faster than conventional cooking technologies, significantly improving speed of service.

Additionally, incorporating heat holding best practices in your kitchen is one effective way of maintaining food quality. Investing in a heated holding shelf maximizes quality while reducing waste and transforming casual customers into regulars.


Versatile foodservice equipment solutions allow your kitchen to operate at maximum efficiency. The ripple effects will be felt in nearly every aspect of the restaurant. Here’s how.


Commercial kitchen equipment like our Vector Multi-Cook Ovens are easy

to use with little-to-no training required. Programmable recipes maximize productivity by freeing up your staff to cook multiple meals at once.


Alto-Shaam’s latest Vector and Cook & Hold Ovens improve kitchen efficiency and workflow while offering our most advanced control yet. One-touch, overnight cooking features in the Cook & Hold ovens allow your kitchen staff to yield high production with confidence.

Additionally, there’s no need to babysit Vector ovens with exclusive Structured Air Technology. Controlled air cooks food consistently at ideal settings, increasing your volume and variety of food at the highest quality.


Experiment with your menu items while delivering flavorful and satisfying dishes.

Structured Air Technology allows for a four-ovens-in-one feature, enabling you to cook a wider variety and volume of food at its ideal temperature. This flexible functionality gives you more room to expand and finesse your dining options.


Designed with the commercial kitchen in mind, ventless equipment provides added flexibility in terms of kitchen design.Operators are able to place this equipment anywhere outside of a traditional kitchen hood—maximizing floor space while improving efficiency and workflow. Waterless and stackable designs are also available to maximize your space, your way.

Want to find out more about the equipment that can enable you to improve ticket times with the highest food quality? Schedule a demo with a Mirkovich rep today!

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