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C-Store Trends: Alto-Shaam Convenience Store Solutions

Grab-and-Go Gourmet Fare

Many c-store patrons want a quick meal that they can eat while traveling, and they're happy to spend a bit more for fresh, gourmet food. Today's Vector® Multi-Cook ovens allow c-store operators to cook multiple menu items simultaneously, with independent temperature, cook time, and fan speed controls in each chamber. Meanwhile, heated shelf merchandisers hold food at ideal temperatures evenly and retain more moisture. They keep your grab-and-go items fresh, while also reducing food waste and boosting impulse sales with LED lighting and customizable branding.

Ventless Cooking Solutions 

Cooking in a c-store can present unique challenges that restaurants don't have to worry about. If you're trying to make the most of a small floor plan, the new trend is to invest in a ventless oven that doesn't require an exhaust hood. This allows you to install the oven virtually anywhere, including a countertop. Vector H Series ovens are certified ventless and provide an unmatched volume and variety of food at the highest quality in a small space.

Rising Labor Costs

One of the largest issues affecting c-store operators, labor costs have been rising at least 8% a year, and turnover at c-stores is already high. In 2017, the turnover was as much as 115%. With low unemployment and plenty of job openings, c-stores will need to compete for competent cooks and staff members. Cooking solutions with customizable recipes can help carry the burden, but owners will need to get creative and take better care of their employees.  

For more information on the best foodservice equipment for your c-store, read the latest guide here. Contact us to schedule a demo today!

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