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How the Cook & Hold Oven From Alto-Shaam Saves Your Restaurant Money

Here are a few practical ways for restaurants to save money using the Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Oven. This slow-cooking marvel uses a consistent, low-temperature approach to achieve truly delicious results. At the same time, the oven’s innovative design can reduce your overhead and streamline your operation.

No Hood Required

By relying on thermal cabling as a heat source, the Cook & Hold Oven does not require an external hood or ventilation system. The Halo Heat®️ technology cooks and holds your food evenly, without needing fans, harsh heating elements or added moisture to increase the heating capability. This means you can install the Cook & Hold almost virtually anywhere, and then pocket the money that you would have normally spent on an exhaust hood.

Install the Oven Wherever You Like

With a stackable design and a compact frame, the Cook & Hold is built for easy installation and expansion. For example, you can set any Cook & Hold on top of a heated holding cabinet like the 300-S, and then quickly move food between the two compartments without losing heat. As a standalone unit, the Cook & Hold also has optional locking casters, which allow you to move and reposition the oven when necessary.

Low Energy Use

Unlike other ovens in this price range, the Cook & Hold operates at full capacity on almost no electricity. For example, you can cook a number of dishes with the entire oven for less than $1 a day. This is due to Halo Heat, which slow-cooks your food using gentle thermal cables that pulse on and off in a highly efficient manner.

Overnight Cooking

Meanwhile, the Cook & Hold is designed with an intuitive control system, which allows employees to quickly set cooking parameters and let the oven handle the rest. The oven switches from cooking mode to holding mode automatically. For even juicier results when slow-cooking meats, you can set the oven to cook overnight, and save money on labor costs when the restaurant is closed.


Besides the incredible flavor, you’ll also waste less product and save money when using a Cook & Hold. On average, Halo Heat reduces meat shrinkage by 18% when compared to traditional cooking methods. You can also slow-cook a less expensive cut of meat and achieve natural tenderization and more delicious results.

There are so many clever ways for restaurants to save money without compromising on food quality. With the Cook & Hold Oven, you can enjoy tremendous savings in a potent package. Once you’ve tasted overnight slow-cooked beef, you’ll have a tough time going back to cooking with traditional conventional ovens.

Contact a Mirkovich Rep for a demo today, and learn how the Cook & Hold can take your restaurant to a new level.

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