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BauscherHepp Launches NEW Buffet Furniture Line VENTA by Buchin Design

The high-quality buffet furniture includes exclusive cocktail tables and stylish buffet tables as well as matching modern stools.

VENTA meticulously designs the highest quality buffet furniture for the hotel, catering, and events industry. Exclusive cocktail and stylish buffet tables as well as matching modern stools are completely mobile and can be used almost anywhere. Most VENTA furnishings can be folded up or stacked together to save space, and they can be easily assembled and disassembled without the need for any tools.

VENTA adapts to your specific needs: a light, elegant buffet system with a glass or compact laminate top, or a buffet system fully equipped with appliances for heating and cooling, thermal bridges, shelves and blinds. Their offering also includes fully mobile service and cocktail furniture.

You can see their full offering in our VENTA Catalog.

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