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Introducing “The Taffer Command Station by Krowne” – a tech-driven bar solution

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Jon Taffer and Krowne have teamed up to announce their biggest collaboration yet, The Taffer Command Station by Krowne. This launch represents the most innovative and tech-infused bar solution ever created by merging the ideas of Jon Taffer, renowned expert of business efficiency and profitability with the customer experience proficiency of Krowne, the leader in bar design, manufacturing, and cutting-edge technology.

The idea was first conceptualized as a solution to the immense output requirements of each of Taffer’s restaurant locations, Taffer’s Tavern. Through intensive research, design, and testing, Taffer and the Krowne team crafted a zero-step station that achieves perfection in flow, functionality, and profitability. By utilizing the latest technology blended with augmented reality and Krowne’s groundbreaking bar configurator, BarFlex3D, the team was able to stress-test hundreds of setups before producing the final design.

When asked what prompted the collaboration, Jon Taffer explains, “It all started with rough sketches and ideas to maximize the precision and quality of cocktails throughout each of our Taffer’s Tavern locations. After meticulously building this station with Krowne and seeing the incredible results that it produced, we decided it would be a disservice to not offer it to the world. This station really is a gamechanger and I’m proud to be part of a solution that will completely disrupt bar design as we know it.”

To further dig into the design philosophy, Krowne’s President Kyle Forman states, “The bar is the profit center of the restaurant, command central, and we’ve created a solution that extracts every bit of speed and efficiency out of the setup while keeping the bartender rooted in their station. This allows for faster service, higher quality cocktails, and increased profitability.”

This station redefines the status quo of bar design through forward-thinking Bluetooth® compatibility to automate soda gun cleaning, coveted freezer storage for large craft ice, and a hybrid space-saving dual sink for touchless hand washing and glass dumping. The station also has an integrated cutting board for preparation of fresh garnishes, a speed rinser for mixing tins and glasses, and a dipperwell for specialty tools along with ample garnish, elixir, and liquor bottle storage. For the cherry on top, add Krowne’s flush-mounted liquid CO2 glass froster for instant frosting, sanitizing and flair to add the x-factor to any cocktail program.

The Taffer Command Station is not your everyday workstation, but rather a premium solution that thrives in high output environments with a multitude of inputs and fresh ingredients. This station represents the pinnacle of bar design and is offered in a variety of configurations. Available for immediate purchase. All orders subject to standard lead time

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The Taffer Command Station
Download PDF • 383KB

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