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New Year, New Logo

Today, we launched a new logo! It's not just change for the sake of change. As the evolution of the organization develops, it was important for us to choose a logo that would support our dynamic brand identity.

By using a simpler color palette, the intention was to evoke a simple and strong visual identity in line with how we perceive ourselves and our brand. The mission remains the same, just with a new, more modern approach to the business.

We view ourselves as a technology and social media relevant brand. As such, we are able to utilize this new logo for a more flexible design that works better across a variety of devices and platforms. It is now easily scalable, making it easier to incorporate in a multitude of situations.

As we march into 2022 with our new logo, we feel it is more representative of who we are as a company today and symbolizes the dynamic future ahead. So, you see, it's still us, just hopefully more recognizable and relatable.

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